Saturday, 23 April 2022

our small apple tree in blossom now
Ravenna Mosaic c 6th Century AD I just happened to pick up a copy of the Big Issue that was lying open on the kitchen table... and was shocked to read " The UK has led the world in destroying the natural environment" [Sarah Wilson, quoting research by the Natural History Museum in 2020 ] Apparently our biodiversity losses are acellerating at an alarming speed ! Fortunately the writer continued by saying there are a few things you can easily do to help... imagine my smile as she then said the easiest is also the laziest : don't mow your lawn & if you can, plant an area for wild flowers, even if ts only a window-box... to help pollinators... at that moment a large bumblebee buzzed by... and I remembered how we are trying to grow wildflowers in a small part of our lawn down the garden, where we won't notice too much if the grass just grows untidily long and the wildflower seeds still don't grow again this year ! However, one thing she suggested was to help record Butterfly Count here I come again this year... though I've seen precious few butterflies so far... a lovely peacock butterfly and some large white buttrflies, rather blown around by the strong north winds that now afflict our garden, are all I've seen so far...

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