Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Sentinel Gallery, Wivenhoe

Dodds & Co

just a few more days
to see this
fascinating exhibition

 I watched this new gallery being built over the last few months, each time I walked down the pebbly road from Wivenhoe car park.  I have to admit I was intrigued to see what kind of building had finally been accepted after all the fuss about planning permission, and as the weatherboard panels were hoisted into place I was amazed how well the subtle pale ochre blended into their surroundings. Surely even the former critics would agree this gallery has grown into a building that has really improved the area ?

 The Sentinel has not only become a lovely showcase for Prue Green's ceramics, but she is hosting the work of local Wivenhoe artists throughout the year....

Do go & see the current exhibition... where many beautiful surprises await you...
                                          & don't forget to read the poems !