Sunday, 5 March 2017

Surprised by Almond Blossom

Wind ripping across the garden;
Rain pouring down...
 Studio dismal & uninviting,    raw, damp & cold.

Even the cat hesitated on back doorstep
loath to let me out...


 I suddenly saw white almond blossom
sparkling in the rain
against the dark hedge

 thank you for making me pause and look...

The artist Stanley Spencer
set out to paint a series of 40 paintings for Lent...
 with the idea that a new painting could be put up each day in his church at Cookham
 so that people could drop in and meditate everyday.

 Its not surprising the series remained unfinished,
 but I love the unusual way he envisaged Christ in the wilderness...

 The Taize App for today quotes from Br Rogers writings:

" the Almond tree that begins to blossom in the light of springtime, God makes even the deserts of our soul burst into flower."