Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Eve

the mystery of light 
shining in the darkness...
Mystery of light shining in darkness...Madonna & Child #5, Janet Driver

a sense of mystery...
even in the midst
of all the dark and terrible things that have been happening around us

the writer of the fourth gospel
gives us this hope..
that "in him was life
and that life is the light of all human beings..."

not just for a few
but for all...

and that light
which is life
"shines on and on
in the darkness..."
Darfur Madonna: Janet Driver
even in the darkness of trauma for refugees...? whether in Sudan, N Nigeria, Yemen, Syria...or ...?
yes...pinpoints of light, like candles in the darkness, lit by countless volunteers & rescue workers. 
Look for the stories of hope behind the headlines, and discover the light that is still there...
...shining on and on in the darkness...