Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Cat Poses

On Friday the cat decided tried a new tactic to gain attention (*cough* food *cough).  She posed in purrfect profile. 
Her tactic backfired since instead of offering her an empty lap (or food) we took photos, looked at the photos and talked about the photos and praised her beauty.

The painting ....   now its my turn, as the artist, to complete this...not about the cat, though she is now sitting in her much -loved spot by my studio door...

...and the painting?  Well I was coming to that !     

This is one of my early oil paintings from the mid 70's, as a prayer / gift for my husband's ordination...originally painted the other way up, he later decided he preferred it this way up...
 I wonder, which way up is more meaningful for you ?

§c. janet driver.