Saturday, 23 November 2013

Retrospective on All Saints Day... Ive just found this beautiful poem:
and scroll down to All Saints
among other interesting things en route !

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Stir Up Sunday Christmas Cake for a nearby church has got me thinking life at the moment is full of a wide mix of ingredients:  wet towels hanging ever wetter on the washing line as the rain sleets down; yesterday's glorious sunshine golden autumnal trees & intriguing craft stalls; lovely silence group; a painting slowly growing layer on layer: deep reds & purples and brilliant orange-red dawn, looking forward to Easter; but in early morning bumper to bumper traffic crawling slowly downhill, dawn sunshine lights up a vista of buildings through the mist & thinking of the Philippines disaster, I suddenly imagined all these buildings flattened & a surge of flood water 5 m above high tide pouring up river, submerging the cars below.. how would we ever cope?  Then I read about the way climate warming has been miscalculated, leaving out temperature rises in the Arctic, leaving decision makers thinking it can be ignored as it seems to be going away .