Saturday, 17 October 2020

Celebrating St Luke, this Sunday


According to early tradition St Luke was a physician,and, if so, he probably would have understood the plight of the poor woman who is desperate to reach out to Jesus in the crowd to receive healing after so many years of searching in vain for a medical cure... In these two paintings by Yungsung Kim I feel a sense of “before” and “after”... this one below seems to show, through the darkness on the right, the pain of this woman trying to reach out her hand through the crowd and just being able to reach the hem of Jesus’ garment, and the feeling that everything was for her in flux and chaos that flows across the whole painting... then in the second painting... how do you see that one ?...?

artist: Yungsung Kim
here, I feel, the colour & lightness of touch give a sense of joyful wholeness...this feels like someone who is  free to continue, fleet-footed to continue the assignment with Jairus whose daughter needs healing...and yet, ...  and yet Jesus still takes the time to stop and assure this woman of her healing...and  gives her the added blessing of realising it is through her faith that she has been healed. She is no longer an outcast but restored to a place within her family and wider community... [ do read Luke 8 v 40f and see if you can just imagine yourself there,  in that crowd,  maybe...]


Sunday, 4 October 2020

Heron’s Hideaway: up in a tree just above eye level

 as soon as he realises you have seen him... he is off !   

But he stayed around long enough for someone to point him out to me “He seems to like that perch : I often catch sight of him up there “ 

...aand he stayed long enough for me to finish a quick sketch !...painted later at home away from the rain & damp :)

Heron’s Perch : oil on canvas, Janet Driver

Well, here he is, as promised... I just hope he stays around on this blog page long enough for you to see him today :)

Saturday, 3 October 2020

Odds & ends...

Guy Taplin : Four Godwits

The Geedon Gallery, Fingringhoe has just opened its exhibition featuring the work of Guy Taplin and several other artists: for details see their website :

When we had the dry sunny weather earlier on we worked hard for about three weeks painting and repairing the with this colder wet weather I am really glad we completed that in time. I found myself going through sorting out things I had kept years ago, discovering this cartoon which still, sadly, resonates with us do you feel about it ? [apologies: I do not know who made it &  can no longer decipher the name nor turn it the right way up!]

Another old favourite came to light : my oil painting of a heron which had its hideaway high up in a tree where it could look down over people’s heads towards the lake where he had just been fishing [until he noticed me sketching him, fascinated by his ruff ... & suddenly took off, disappearing into the trees]

sorry... the cartoon & a photo of my painting seem to have become invisible !
I will blog the Heron painting again next week
& hope it stays around long enough for you to see it :)