Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Calm after the Storm

It feels quite odd after all that raging wind to see blue skies and feel the warmth of the sun.

Looking through the news pictures of fallen trees & huge waves & hearing of lives suddenly lost, it seems we have been incredibly fortunate not to live just a few miles further north. Even just down the road a small tree snapped in half and several trees were still leaning brokenly onto one another. Everyone has their own story, but I was surprised how critical some comments were of those working away to get trees safely down & restore power lines tangled up in their branches. I do feel for those who had to close down their shops & cafes, and elderly people all waiting for power to be restored, but how can something like this just have a quick fix ?
All these storms around the world in recent years seem to be a real wake up call to tackle climate change. 
I read an interview with Bill McKibben, climate change campaigner : "My worst fear is that human beings wont put up a real fight against climate change. But I hope that we'll fight..." read more at   click on Features / Interviews/...  

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Geedon Gallery

Ive just visited the Autumn Exhibition at Geedon Gallery, near Fingringhoe, Essex

Its well worth a visit...but hurry...this exhibition ends on Sunday 20th Oct !

there are bird & animal sculptures that are a delight
and some really beautiful paintings

there are a lot of exhibits...
     .but just pause for breath...
                and soon you will be able to just zone in on one or two favorites...
 savour them slowly...

there are sofas & chairs for pausing & waiting till ... off you go again ...

I still have several paintings and delightful sculptures in my minds eye...

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Reflecting R S Thomas' Bright Field

" I have seen the sun break through
to illuminate a small field
 for a while...."

So many times over the past few months 
words from this poem have echoed through my mind 
I have been taken by surprise, sketched, painted
and occasionally even jotted down
the thoughts that come to me....

Dark green depths of trees in shadow
and two seagulls
glide slowly around one another.
Effortless bright wings against deep darkness.

Then the Green Waterfall:

Dense ancient woods
Trees, everywhere trees
Hillsides covered
With trees
 like gigantic woolly green lambs
And sheep that need shearing
Deep green, shaggy and
Tumbling like waterfalls
Over dark red rocks in circular ravine
Down into deep darkness.
Continually shifting patterns of dark and shade
As clouds chase overhead
Reflecting and enhancing one another
One moment a clear silhouette
With rocky outcrop
And small clump of trees
 Topmost leaves catching the sunlight.
A brief glimpse,
Swallowed by passing shadows,
Of glancing light, luscious green depths:
 Trees dancing towards the sea far below.
And we ? Do we delight
The Creator's eye,
Watching, waiting, wondering
In all this hidden beauty.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Paintings People Were Intrigued By....

Lovely to see so many people at the Open Studio !

Having a wide variety of paintings, I am fascinated how people are attracted to completely different paintings...over the next few weeks I will show some of the paintings that really drew attention: 

Some were struck by the misty paintings: of the Needles & views inspired by walking along the old railway from Brightlingsea, or down along Alresford Creek..

 "Misty & Mystical..."

then, rather different, this one was painted using experimental fact the whole idea was entirely experimental... I love this blown glass decanter and thought it would look beautiful in candlelight ...but I was really surprised by the weird bearded shadow that reared up against the wall, reminding me of the song "Have some Madeira me'dear..." & finding two tipsy wine glasses from a glass blowing workshop, having fun moving the candle round until I discovered these fleeting effects of reflected light when the angle was just right...  
But with the room in total darkness except for one small candle, I could hardly see to paint !   So I found black paper & white chalk to make studies of the highlights...It was really exciting to see the paintings gradually emerging...and great fun thinking of the way it reflected the sense of humour in the song. ... one or two people really enjoyed this ...