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More Recent Paintings....   

             [ NB Jan 2016 page only just begun...]

I am currently taking photos  of  paintings which will gradually be uploaded onto this page...

Heron's Hideaway

Twisting Away !  (from seed pod )

Sailing Home: R Colne Estuary

Tropical plant twisting and turning around a still point

Magnolias [2 ]

Magnolias [4 ] : Blue Dream

Magnolias [3 ]

"Who... me ?"

Chagall's White Crucifixion Revisited :"Father Forgive " 

Unfinished Pentecostal Symphony

Sunset after Monet
Stormy Sunset over Houses of Parliament
Dorset Cliffs:palette-knife painting

Autumnal Reflections (# 2 )

R Colne, Misty Morning

Mist Rising at Dawn over Salt-marshes, R Colne
Autumnal Reflections (#1 )

Needles IoW first light

Needles IoW Dawn +20 mins
I loved waiting in the half light, watching for the first glimpse of 
dawn... the first light... with shades of pink reflecting onto the
white limestone cliffs of the Needles, Isle of Wight.

After a while the glowing light changed...revealing more of the
Needles as darkness & sea mist began to recede.

Then the colours changed and gave way to brilliant whites & yellows
Needles IoW dawn + 40 mins

Later on I decided to paint a much larger version of the Needles,

based on the beautiful pinks and yellows of the second painting in this series
Sultry Dawn : the Needles, Isle of Wight

Needles: Dawn : enveloped in Sea-mist

All Saints, Brightlingsea, from Alresford Creek
 "Stone Carnival": Bay of the Eye of the Needle, Dorset.

Dawn Mist, Arelesford Creek


Perfume of Lillies in the Rain

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