Sunday, 1 February 2015

Signs of Hope

Its been snowing heavily, but just outside my studio window I see the snowdrops have multiplied...

 Apparently the Snowdrop is a symbol of hope, discovered after the Crimean War, growing out of the mud & chaos, and adopted as a symbol in a similar way to that of the poppies after later wars.

 So, after all the recent tragedies, I began looking for signs of hope, especially in the news where so often chaos & tragedy take the headlines...

  • There was an article about Syrian refugees being given hospitality in Jordan;
  • Bishop Libby Lane's Consecration opening a doorway for the future;
  • & Muslim neighbours helping Christians whose homes & churches were being burnt down...

just to mention a few...

  • and over the years there appears to be a growing sense of oneness with people in far off places when there is a terrible instinctive feeling of solidarity.

  • Whenever there is joy & hope in the recovery of a health worker I also remember the remarkable doctor who saved Nigeria from the outbreak of Ebola, even though she died as a result. A really tragic death, yet her son could later write of discovering hope through the realization of what she had achieved:

"I wonder how one individual has so much connection with so many people.
 So, it's like we shared her with everybody which is special."

read the whole story here:
Not only has this country with far fewer resources than ours welcomed so many thousands into their midst, but they have opened up their schools by creating double shifts.

  • in mid-January ordinary people miles away in Niger rushed to help their neighbours whilst a mob was burning churches & homes: " While the mobs were preoccupied with the destruction they inflicted on the front part of the house... the pastor's Muslim neighbours rushed through the back door to save whatever property that they could spare. "They helped to save the pastor's property while the crazy mob was burning everything,"
  • And then for a joyful historic breakthrough in the UK as the first female bishop is consecrated in the Anglican Church in England 

 click this link below:

What, I wonder, have you noticed as a sign of hope ?