Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Open Studio / Open Gardens Sat 21st May 11-5pm

I'm amazed by the abundance of blossom
and surprised by how few bees & butterflies there are this year
considering the amount of pollen, nectar and glorious scent around the garden.


Our Almond tree was covered in white blossom during January
but sadly this photo says it all...
 heavy night frost:
poor blossom didn't have a chance !

But soon the whole garden came alive
with beautiful bluebells
purple iris, far too early
masses of cherry blossom, damson & pear

but sudden warm spell...
far too hot for comfort,
everything opened too fast;
petal-filled pathways...

Will there be anything left
in two weeks time ?

Will this delicate white clematis
joyfully encircling tree-trunk
still be there ?
Or apple blossom and blueberry bells?

Ah, but there will be some new arrivals;
just look at these...

and there's always the STUDIO...
Don't forget...

We will be opening
on Saturday 21st May: 11-5pm
as part of

Come...& see... & have a cuppa tea !