Monday, 24 June 2013

Palette Knife Painting

I've used  palette knife now and then for various paintings, usually to drag a highlight over a darker colour,
or to paint textured rocks, as in this painting, based on rocks & spray along the Moray Firth...

 I began with the rocks, and let them dry before using the knife again to give the effect of waves splashing up and spilling out all over the rocky surfaces in the foreground.

 Last week I decided to have a go with a larger palette-knife painting,
 based on cliffs seen whilst walking along the Dorset coast.

This time I painted the whole picture with palette-knives... not a brush in sight.
Its all painted "wet-in-wet" too...and now just drying before adding final highlights...
perhaps after watching some Wimbledon tennis !

Here is a preview detail:

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Oil Painting Tuition

garden studio

small group/ individual tuition 

Essential Oils, Part 1 & Part 2

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 Tuition...  contact me now for autumn 2014 

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Oil Painting 4 U ?    Why not try it and see... 

Essential Oils      

Small group tuition 
      in a garden studio in Wivenhoe [ near Colchester ]

         next course begins October 2014
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Interested in Quiet Days / Prayer Painting ?
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Why not join in prayer painting for the people of Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Nigeria... Sudan...  wherever / whoever  you wish to pray for ...?

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

News: Exhibitions & Open Studios

This summer I hope to have paintings in local Exhibitions

& to take part in 

Colchester Open Studios

 during weekends in September 2013

I will post dates & times when my studio will be open


September 14th & 15th weekend: 

  •  Art Exhibition at St Mary's Church, Wivenhoe

further details:
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Friday, 7 June 2013

paintings on the go...

As usual, I am working on more than one painting at the same time.
I know these look incredibly different, but they are both being developed from sketches & photos of things that interest me whilst walking along the River Colne. 
There were so many misty mornings earlier on, with trees looming up in all kinds of odd shapes, which became great fun to paint.

Then came sunshine dancing off the water, so bright you could hardly bear to look...and the mirage effect looking out from Brightlingsea towards Bradwell that has always fascinated me since I first saw it years ago.
I have often stared with eyes half closed against the glare thinking ...'if only I could paint that effect...' There was nothing for it but to have a go !   Like many artists, I am rarely satisfied with the result...but then that leads to further experiments...

 I read just the other day that even Monet was often dissatisfied with his paintings.

Trying to communicate something of the wonder of a fleeting moment when the light bounces off the water in such a way that you stand transfixed with the sheer beauty of dazzling light...I am trying the impossible of course...but maybe, just might trigger a similar memory in someone...