Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The eye of the needle

Rearranging my studio yesterday I came across paintings from a holiday in Dorset a few years ago...

Walking along the clifftops we saw this 'Bay of the Eye of the Needle' which was apparently a source of limestone blocks highly sought after for buildings and sculpture... Watching as the sun changes the angle of shadows across the huge cliff face I was fascinated by the emerging shapes which seemed like colossal abstract faces and figures...hence this painting "Stone Carnival”.

Fascinated by the small archway...nicknamed the "eye of the needle", as local stone cutters a century or more ago had to navigate this archway rowing their boats laden with blocks of stone through to the bay beyond...keeping an eye on the rise & fall of the tide!
A google search to verify this remembered anecdote took me to Butterworth & Inkpen's lovely cartoon children's story of the camel and the eye of the needle on youtube:
from: Butterworth & Inkpen: “The small gate”  /  “Stories Jesus Told “

Imagine my surprise this morning when listening to the "Pray as you go" for today only to find this linked in with Jesus' saying about the narrow way... do listen and hear for yourself...
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