Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Mary the mother of Jesus


mid-September is the time when many churches named St Mary’s will be celebrating the life of Mary, Jesus’ mother...so here are some favourite paintings from around the world...


Jyoti Sahi

Vladimir Icon

janet driver


the jesusmafa paintings are from villagers in Cameroun, West Africa who collaborated with French missionaries to produce a whole series of paintings which used to be obtainable as posters from their website which sadly seems to have closed down. Some years ago I bought a set of these posters for use with our church in London with people mainly of African or Afro- Caribbean backgrounds. Many of us love these paintings showing well - known Biblical stories in an African setting...if you search for ‘jesusmafa paintings’ or ‘jesusmafa images’ you should be able to see many more...and I will continue to add different ones to this blog whenever I can.