Saturday, 4 July 2020

“you are Gods work of art...” Ephesians 2 v 10

Michelangelo : Slave

God’s work of art.
That’s me ?
Then Beauty must lie
In the eye of the

I feel more like
One of those statues
Michelangelo left
Half emerging
From the marble block;
Full of potential,
On the verge of life,
but prisoned still
By circumstance and

Michelangelo : Slaves

yet part of me is free -
And you are still creating,
Bringing to life
The promise that is there.

Michelangelo : Slave

Sometimes by 
Hammer blows
Which jar my being,
Sometimes by
Tender strokes half felt
Which waken me to

Go on, Lord.
Love me into wholeness.
Set me free 
To share with you
In your creative joy;
To laugh with you
At your delight
In me,
Your work of art.

poem by Ann Lewin, ‘Revelation’  found in ‘Invitations’ by Francis Dewar p 98

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