Saturday, 11 July 2020

Saturday: The Sower

Van Gogh : the Sower (after Millet )

 I came across this painting of a sower  by Van Gogh, which shows much more clearly the traditional method of broadcasting the seed...  I have never seen a farmer doing this, and so at first I was puzzled by his slightly odd gait... but of course he is not just walking across the field, but with each step his arm will swing round to scatter the seeds, swinging his whole whole body around as well...

Eventually I managed to find this painting by Millet which must have been the one Van Gogh used as his reference... but painted in a very different style and range of colour & tone...

Millet : The Sower

maybe these paintings can help us imagine the sower in the parable Jesus told & which will be read tomorrow...  but then the ending of the story = the real punchline...& Van Gogh must have known that well... but more tomorrow...   :)

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