Sunday, 9 August 2020

Sunday 9th Aug 20

You might like to see Debbie Thomas’ reflections on the Gospel for today at 
artist: Yungsun Kim

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

The Transfiguration : St Luke 9 v 28 - 36

The Transfiguration : c. T.A.Thomas

This Indian painting conveys a strong sense of stillness, awe  and wonder, whereas the Cameroonian one below reminds me of disappearing into mist and cloud rolling down the mountain in Snowdonia...or Kilimanjaro in East Africa with its summit often surrounded by cloud.
How do you imagine this scene ?
Luke’s Gospel recounts many times when Jesus went up into the hills alone to pray, and I can well imagine the silence and solitude... walking alone... gaining perspective away from the crowds... and taking his inner group of followers up the mountainside would immediately remind them of Moses and Elijah seeking God in mountain silence & solitude.
The Indian painting reminds me of depictions of the Buddha in the Sri Lankan Dambulla  Caves, where his Enlightenment is portrayed by a rainbow of coloured light surrounding him as he sits in meditation. This Indian artist has shown Christ as an Indian Holy Man, surrounded by colourful light which both comes down upon him and shines out from within him...

The Transfiguration : c. Jesusmafa

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Beautiful Birds

photo: Troy Snow
 I have seen Egrets now and then down with other birds near the water’s edge at low tide ... 
but never seen them so beautiful as in these photos !  

photo found on Pinterest 

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Wednesday 22nd July

APOLOGIES ....   after several attempts to re - write & put a few paintings onto this blog in celebration of Mary Magdalene  / 22nd July...   I have once more lost the threads and paintings too...

I will try again in a few days time.... 

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Mary Magdalene

22 July is the day of celebrating the life of Mary Magdalene...
... many years ago I began to realise she had become much maligned and misunderstood throughout the centuries, and this is reflected in paintings by well-known artists, who were presumably being true to the thinking of their times... ( eg Georges de la Tours & Titian )

But then I discovered an earlier painting : from the St Alban’s Psalter 1120 - 45, and what really interested me were the expressions of the disciples receiving Mary’s news that she had seen the Risen Christ... 

apologies.... this blog - post has flipped around / lost some pictures & writing....

hoping to re - write later today
St Alban’s Psalter : 1120 - 45 AD

Friday, 17 July 2020

Jurassic Cliffs, Dorset

Jurassic Cliffs : oil on canvas, c.Janet Driver

All my oil paintings are painted layer upon layer, gradually, over time, sometimes taking several weeks from the initial underpainting to the final strokes of colour...

but painting these cliffs seemed to make me even more at one with the vast centuries during which these cliffs have been slowly changed and eroded by rain, wind, waves, baking hot sun, ice & snow...

I decided to paint the rocky texture of these ancient cliffs using palette knives, so that I could drag one colour over another ...but what about the sea and sky ?
I had to experiment on practice oil-painting paper to try various techniques... then worked outwards from the cave into the waves, then up towards the horizon ... then I working on the clouds and down towards the sea...
it was very different from painting with a brush
and quite exhilarating...

Don’t forget... I am now changing from ‘a picture a day’ during lockdown
into a few paintings on a theme 
once a week or fortnight

...I will be back again next Tuesday or Wednesday...

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Thursday, 16 July 2020


On the day we went into ‘lockdown’ in the UK 
way back in March
I promised to put something on this blog every day
...a picture or two
...a painting
...some of my own paintings & my stained & etched glass...

and now that we are beginning to come out again
I realise its been well over 100 days
...and each day there has been something to share...

but now I would like to move on... :)

I still have some of my paintings and glass to share with you...
but many are part of a theme rather than individual one-offs

so... this week I will continue every day until Friday

...then one day next week I will put up some of my Mary Magdalene paintings 

 then something else about a week later...

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Gustave Caillebotte: Regatta at Argenteuil
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