Sunday, 22 November 2020

Sunday: Stir-up Sunday & Christ the King

 This Sunday is more recently changed to celebrate Christ the King...and this in itself is still following the whole “stir up” the sense that Jesus view of kingship / leadership was far from the expected norm, but in visual representations he is often shown as the king of our here in the early [c. 6th C ] mosaic in Ravenna... wearing the same colour purple robes as the Empress Theodora and Emperor Maximilian, portrayed in their mosaics just below, on either side of the Nave. However, it does look as though he has removed his crown & is holding it out to one of the angels...perhaps this, together with his youthful face, is the artist’s way of suggesting we think again... the elements of surprise ?

                                                      Apse mosaic, S. Vitale, Ravenna
                                                  Coventry Cathedral
                                                       Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem (artist unknown )

Jesus certainly challenged our norms of leadership... the best example being when he washed the disciples feet.... a customary action they would expect to be done by a slave or lowly first Peter shies away, but later accepts Jesus washing his in the Cameroonian painting below... [ John ch 13 ]

                                              Jesusmafa :the Footwashing

You might find todays Lectionary Essay by Debbie Thomas

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