Saturday, 3 October 2020

Odds & ends...

Guy Taplin : Four Godwits

The Geedon Gallery, Fingringhoe has just opened its exhibition featuring the work of Guy Taplin and several other artists: for details see their website :

When we had the dry sunny weather earlier on we worked hard for about three weeks painting and repairing the with this colder wet weather I am really glad we completed that in time. I found myself going through sorting out things I had kept years ago, discovering this cartoon which still, sadly, resonates with us do you feel about it ? [apologies: I do not know who made it &  can no longer decipher the name nor turn it the right way up!]

Another old favourite came to light : my oil painting of a heron which had its hideaway high up in a tree where it could look down over people’s heads towards the lake where he had just been fishing [until he noticed me sketching him, fascinated by his ruff ... & suddenly took off, disappearing into the trees]

sorry... the cartoon & a photo of my painting seem to have become invisible !
I will blog the Heron painting again next week
& hope it stays around long enough for you to see it :)

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